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Heartlande History
HTC is the natural outgrowth of our parent organization - The Actors Studio of Detroit that began in 1986.  HTC began with eleven dedicated members: 

Dennis E. North, Tom Whalen, Dana Gamarra, Gerard Smith, Peg Humphrey, J.J. Allen, Kim Arnaut, Phyllis Lewis, Elaine Kaiser, Jan Radcliff and Mary E. Rychlewski. 

Services include new play development workshops, readings of new scripts,new script development and productions of contemporary and original plays.

HTC marked its professional debut with the midwestern premiere of the stirring Vietnam drama "A Piece of My Heart" by Shirley Lauro which was named "Best Production of '93-'94" by the Detroit News and received a citation in the "Best Play" category from The Detroit Free Press.

HTC is a federally tax-exempt, 501(c)3, professional theatre company committed to nurturing the creation of original works for the stage and continually developing the skills necessary to sustain and renew this living art we call theatre For questions email:

Jan Radcliff

JAN RADCLIFF - Heartlande Theatre Company:  Jan is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, the American Federation of Television & Radio Artists, Actors Equity Association and the Dramatists Guild and is one of the original eleven founding members of Heartlande Theatre Company. She studied acting under Uta Hagen over the course of the ten summer master workshops that the late, legendary actress taught in Detroit.  Playwriting teachers include Vincent J. Cardinal, Milan Stitt and Stephen Svoboda. Jan studied Directing under William Herndon.  Five of Jan’s short plays have been presented as part of HTC’s annual marathon.  Among those, A Big Girl Now was selected to be included in the 2001 Turnip Festival in NY and Play Therapy was chosen by Chicago Dramatists for its June 2001 Quarterly Ten-Minute Play reading series. Jan has served as the Executive Producer on many HTC events including its debut Equity production in 1994 of Shirley Lauro’s  drama about women who served in Vietnam entitled A Piece of my Heart for which HTC was awarded “Best Production” by The Detroit News and nominated in the “Best Play” category by The Detroit Free Press.  Other awards include “Best Actress” for her role in the 1997 Jewish Ensemble Theatre production of Change of Life by Detroit playwright Kitty Dubin; “Best Actress” for her portrayal of Vivian Bearing in Performance Network’s production of Wit by Margaret Edson in 2000 and the 1998 Birmingham-Bloomfield Arts Council Award in recognition of her contribution to theatre and the arts.  Since 1999, Jan has taught playwriting and acting to high school students as part of HTC’s outreach program, and in 2004 HTC will present a staged reading of the first collaboratively written full-length play to come out of this program with John Rutherford’s Fall Semester Advanced Theatre Class at Groves H.S.

Mary E. Rychlewski
MARY E. RYCHLEWSKI – Heartlande Theatre Company:  She brings over 20 years of experience to the theatrical community, more than 1/2 that career has been dedicated to new work development.   For 10 years she was honored to have studied with Uta Hagen in her Michigan master acting classes.  She has studied new play development, facilitation, directing and playwriting under Vincent J. Cardinal (Miami University), Milan Stitt (Carnegie-Mellon University), Bill Herndon (HB Studios) and Stephen Svoboda (Miami University).  She is one of the original eleven founding members of Heartlande Theatre Company participating in all aspects of the development of new work and has served in a wide range of  positions including producer, director, actor, writer, stage manager, teacher and facilitator.   Mary is a member of Actors Equity Association and has worked onstage at Meadowbrook Theatre, The Attic Theatre and as part of the Michigan Renaissance Festival.  Mary is a graduate of Oakland University with a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre and Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts.  Her short plays have been included in HTC’s Play by Play marathon and she is currently working on a full-length piece.  In 2003 she was able to share her experience under Uta Hagen’s tutelage with the students of the Advanced Acting class at Oakland University and Livonia Churchill High School's CAPA program, as well as recently directing a reading of "A Piece of My Heart" by Shirley Lauro for The Roeper School.  She has received the Gittlen and Matilda awards for achievement in Theatre from Oakland University and the Above and Beyond Award from Specs Howard.  As a dedicated advocate for organ donation she is a spokesperson for Gift of Life and St. John’s Hospital.
Heartlande Theatre Company Project History
HTC Archive from 1987 to 1999


Play-by-Play at The Roeper School, Birmingham Michigan:

Marathon Plays:
Morning After by Kim Carney
A-Bomb Wedding by Jon Dorf
Gemini: Lessons in Self-Love by Jacquelyn Floyd
Keeping Company by Cecilia Foreman
Divine Inspiration by Joseph Gessner
Shopping for a Date by Christina Heisler (Young Playwrights)
You'd Better Shop Around by Ronald Jay
Raindrops on a Winter Evening by Elaine Kaiser
Taking Charge by Mrinalini Kamath
Leg Up by James Kaufman
The Surveillance Report by Daniel Kinch
George by Josh Lacey
Barred by Matt Licata (Young Playwrights)
Revelation by David MacGregor
Hawaii Dreams by Kyra Mesich
Beaulah by M.V. Patton
He Said by Janet Torreano Pound
A Big Girl Now by Jan Radcliff
The Tide That Binds by John Rutherford
Personal Stories by Terie Spencer
Just Dessert by Rachel Feldbin Urist
Toy Soldiers by Alex Wilkie
New Plays Initiative Writers Peer Group:  ongoing development in Detroit
Fireside Festival at Performance Network in Ann Arbor Michigan
Staged Reading of Maggie Rose by Kim Carney
Writers Retreat at Camp Skyline taught by Vincent Cardinal
Young Playwrights Program  taught by Jan Radcliff with John Rutherford at Groves High School in Birmingham and Fitzgerald High School in Warren Michigan 
Children's Production at Anderson Theatre, Henry Ford Museum / Greenfield Village, Dearborn Michigan
Cindy Cinderella, An American Fairy Tale, a Musical by Mike Vigilant and Gerry Castle 
Play-by-Play at The Studio Theatre, Oakland University, Rochester Michigan
Marathon Plays:
Welcome Home! by Clare Battersby (Young Playwrights)
Treetop by Michael Bettencourt
Lover Boy by Kent R. Brown
The Highs & Lows of Dating by Timothy Campos
Dependence Day by Kim Carney
Bye, Bye Love by Kitty Dubin
Heart Smart by Linda Eisenstein
The Thai That Binds by Daniel Falconer (Young Playwrights)
Birthday Beer by Jacquelyn Floyd
Utah by Mark Glinski
Singles by Kourtney Golden (Young Playwrights)
Secret of Success by Jim Gustafson
Debt by Janet Kenney
Paying Regrets by Daniel Louie
Towards the Perpetuation of the Species by David MacGregor
Something to Say by James McNulty
Fra Angelico's Haloes by Michael Morris
Accelerated Learning by Robert Morse
Oh, Happy Day! by Rich Orloff
Housewife with an Attitude by M.V. Patton
Empty Nest Blues by Janet Torreano Pound
Louie's One and Only by Myron S. Stein
Myrna Got A Face Lift by Orla Swift
Skinny Fingers by John Weagly

Fireside Festival at Performance Network in Ann Arbor Michigan

Staged Reading of This Thing, Life by Janet Torreano Pound

Children's Performance at Thomas Edison Inn, Port Huron Michigan

Cindy Cinderella - An American Fairy Tale by Mike Vigilant and Gerry Castle

Writers Retreat at Camp Skyline:  taught by Vincent Cardinal

Chicago Dramatists Quarterly 10 Minute Play Reading Play Therapy by Jan Radcliff

Turnip Play Festival, New York City, NY A Big Girl Now by Jan Radcliff

New Plays Initiative Writers Peer Group ongoing development in Detroit Michigan
NPI Writers Peer Group established in Ann Arbor Michigan 


Play-by-Play at Performance Network, Ann Arbor, Michigan:

Marathon Plays:
Sunset Village by Maddee Adelson
Cyber Savior by Steve Daut
Skin Deep by Kitty Dubin
Scene Analysis for Fun & Profit by Bob Jude Ferrante
Insomnia by Patrick Gabridge
Three Small Stones by Charles Gelles
Sightlines by Charles Hall
Sitting for Uncle Charles by Joanna Hastings
Speak Now by Seth Kramer
Defensive/Aggressive by Jason Long
All of Us by Steve Mitchell
Class Dismissed by Rich Orloff
Freeman's Grounding by M.V. Patton
The Answer by Cary Pepper
Bird Watching by Janet Torreano Pound
All in the Demographics by Jay Rehak
Down for the Count by Robin Rothstein
The History of the Tango by Gretchen Elizabeth Smith
Boot Scootin' Buddies by Myron Stein
Monologue for Lady MacBeth by Aoise Stratford
The Loss of Atlantis by Damian Trasler
Casualties by Deborah Vaughn
How Much?  by John Watts
Fireside Festival at Performance Network, Ann Arbor, MI:   Staged Reading of Moonglow by Kim Carney

Writers Retreat at Camp Skyline taught by Vincent Cardinal

Playscape at the Lab Theatre, Varner Hall, Oakland University, Rochester, MI:
Readings:  Full-length plays
Freeman's Grounding by M.V. Patton
The Big One by Kim Carney
Reconstructing Mama by Stephen Svoboda
Innocence, Pepperment by Steve Daut
Workshop:  "Imagery in Dramatic Writing" taught by Stephen Svoboda

NPI Professional Writers Unit - Full-Length Plays Developed:

Freeman's Grounding by M.V. Patton

Shylock's Daughter by Rachel Feldbin Urist
HTC's Outreach Program:  An Overview of Uta Hagen's Acting Approach taught by Jan Radcliff with John Rutherford at Groves H.S.


Play-by-Play at the Studio Theatre, Varner Hall, Oakland University, Rochester, MI:

Marathon Plays:
Long Mornin' Since by T. Andrew Aston
The Other Side by Kitty Dubin
Not Quite the VFW by Jacquelyn Floyd
The Invisible Husband by Patrick Gabridge
Fallout by Charles Hall
All for Love by Geralyn Horton
Stopping Blood by Emilio Iasiello
Angels, Laws & Miracles by Seth Kramer
Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?  by Carrie LaFerle
On the Line by Barbara Lindsay
18 Holes by David MacGregor
Beyond Oz by Carin Michaels
Anything Can Happen by Cary Pepper
Up A Tree by Marianne Poulin
The Drive by Lindsay Price
Play Therapy by Jan Radcliff
proof, the lizard's tongue by Justin Remeselnik
Music of My Heart by Mary E. Rychlewski
Permanent Solution by Barbara Schmitt
Honey Sweet X's & O's by Matt Siadak
Elephants and Coffee by Aoise Stratford
Author Unknown by Jennifer Stire
Miss Kentucky by Allison Williams
Fireside Festival at Performance Network, Ann Arbor, MI:   Staged Readings of Full-Length Plays 
Shylock's Daughter by Rachel Feldbin Urist
Freeman's Grounding by M.V. Patton
Writers Retreat at the Studio Theatre, Varner Hall, Oakland University, Rochester, MI: taught by Vincent Cardinal
Workshop Reading:   Love/Romance by Jan Radcliff
Invitational Readings at the Century Theatre, Detroit MI:  Participating Writers:  T. Andrew Aston, Annie Bilton, Shannon Caldwell, Janet Torreano Pound, M.V. Patton, Barbara Schmitt
Young Playwright's Program:  taught by Jan Radcliff with John Rutherford at Groves H.S. to collaboratively write a full-length play
Scene Study: Uta Hagen's Approach to Acting:  taught by Mary E. Rychlewski with Tom Suda at Oakland University
Gilda's Club Writing Project:   Jan Radcliff & Mary E. Rychlewski were among those who participated as facilitators in the creation of an evening of short pieces entitled "Whose Lives Are Touched", directed by Mary Locker to benefit Gilda's Club.
Play by Play at the Studio Theatre, Varner Hall, Oakland University, Rochester, MI:
Settling Scores by Jeremy D. Bruce
Les Gets More by Kim Carney
Natural Causes by Steve Daut
Meeting of the Minds by Mike Folie
Measuring Matthew by Patrick Gabridge
Paper Angels by Charles Hall
Trebuchet by Donald Hewlett
All the World's A Stage by Casey Jacobs
Last Seat on the Train by Henry W. Kimmel
Packing for the Moon by Kathy Lech
Surprise! by Mark Harvey Levine
Grunions by Barbara Lindsay
Casting Lydia by Don Monaco
Right Sensation by Rich Orloff
Coyotes at Midnight by M.V. Patton
Centre Bed Dweller and The Secret Fart Woman by Lindsay Price
A Thorn in her Side by Sara Snyder
The Pink Nude by Myron Stein
The Sandman Cometh by Edward J. Thomas
Playscape at the Studio Theatre, Varner Hall, Oakland University, Rochester, MI:
Readings:  Full-Length Plays - An Evening of Workshop Plays
Ramat by Annie Bilton
Hunting Accidents by Milan Stitt
The Catch by the Advanced Theatre Class of Groves H.S. taught by John Rutherford - HTC"s Young Playwrights Program
Playwrighting taught by Milan Stitt
Directing taught by Vincent Cardinal
The Business of Playwrighting Seminar taught by Aoise Stratford
Fireside Festival at Performance Network, Ann Arbor, MI:
Readings:  Full-Length Plays
Love/Romance by Jan Radcliff
The Last of the Aztecs by Joe Feinstein


Play-by-Play at Performance Network, Ann Arbor, Michigan:

Marathon Plays:
Famous Last Words by John C. Ardussi
Tomorrow's Cookies by Mark Barrera
The Weight of the World by Matt Bell
In View Of by Kenyon Brown
Hidden in the Past by Michael A. Casano
All the World by Steve Daut
Chiaroscuro by Lisa Dillman
Oh, Brothers! by Joe Feinstein
Three-Minute Friendship by Patrick Gabridge
The Kiss by Mark Harvey Levine
The Waiting Room by John Lewis
Unraveled by Callie McKee
Just Desserts by Carin Michaels
An Emotional Memory for Happy Carrot by Steve MItchell
Heart of the Fire by Rich Orloff
Have Your Say by Cary Pepper
Touch Me by Janet Torreano Pound
The Catharsis by Kristyn Leigh Robinson
driver's ed by Steven Schutzman
WMD by Al Sjoerdsma
Subject by Aoise Stratford
Save by Adam Szymkowicz
Coffee Boy by Michael Van Kerckhove
The Gas Crisis by John Wencel